There's Always a Reason
To Visit Charleroi!

Introduction To Business In Charleroi

Charleroi Borough can offer your small business help to gain the competitive edge in your industry that is crucial to economic prosperity. Charleroi, located just off Interstate 70 on Route 88, has a business district with over 150 small businesses all benefiting from the growing consumer base. Aside from the growing business and consumer culture in Charleroi, there are many small business incentives provided by the county, state, federal government, and non-profit organizations.

The business incentives offered are available to current small business owners in Charleroi, new small business owners, and current small business owners wishing to relocate or expand to Charleroi. The business incentives listed in this guide are grants, loans, tax credits, workshops, technical assistance, and even web development, all designed to improve your small business! Many of the workshops and much of the technical assistance is free.

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“What Are The Advantages of Being in Charleroi?”

”Being in downtown Charleroi has been great for SPHS and our staff. Restaurants, banks, shops, pharmacies, and the post office are all within easy walking distance. And there is plenty of convenient parking. Visitors to our offices frequently remark how easy it is to get to and from Charleroi, whether they’re traveling from Washington, Greensburg, Uniontown or Pittsburgh.”

– Luther Sheets, Chief Operating Officer at SPHS

“Being a family-owned company that’s grown-up here in the Mon Valley, it’s important for DMI to operate in a sustainable fashion. To us, that means more than just staying in business or being profitable… It’s about addressing our impact on the people and places in which we operate. It’s that commitment to sustainable operations and “home” that led us to retrofit our headquarters in downtown Charleroi which has resulted in our proud display of preservation and progress in what is now a National Historic Landmark as well as an Energy- Star certified building. That’s why we’re gratified to be a part of the growing business trends supporting sustainable development here in our region while continuing to do our part to build a better world for our children and our children’s children going forward.”

– Peter Arnoldt II, Ductmate Industries

“Growing up in a family business I’ve found Charleroi is a great place to be. I’ve had and continue to have businesses in several different communities over the years and even in two malls but nothing beats the friendliness of being in Charleroi. I’ve found that the Charleroi business community has done a good job of blending specialty shops, restaurants, and professional services to give us the foot traffic we need to succeed in today’s challenging business world.”

– Mark Alterici, Dee’s Cricket

“Our family-owned business has been located in Charleroi for 60 years. Our company ownership has been lifelong citizens of Charleroi and our ties to the community are deep rooted. We have always felt an obligation to “give back” to the community and to offer our support whenever that may be needed. We take great pride in the fact that we were recently recognized by community leaders who named “Lee Lane” an extension of Fallowfield Avenue, in our family’s honor. We have achieved our success because of the quality people that are part of the Lee Supply Team most of whom are family, friends and loyal employees who live here in the Mon Valley.”

– Kevin Lee, President of Lee Supply Company


“While the Pyrex® brand evolves to meet consumer needs, some things have remained constant – most importantly, the care, quality, and craftsmanship of the dedicated workers in our Charleroi facility. That’s why we are so proud to call Charleroi, PA home.”

“Our Charleroi employees go above and beyond every day. They uphold the highest Pyrex® brand standards and are truly in a class of their own. This pride in manufacturing and great work done in Charleroi is appreciated not only in the U.S., but by consumers around the world.”

– Kris Malkoski, North America President for World Kitchen

“Affordable rent and central location were two of the reasons that I first decided to locate my business in Charleroi. Support from local residents, the Chamber of Commerce, local government, and most importantly other Charleroi business owners, are hidden treasures that made locating here one of the best and most important business decisions that I made while getting started.”

– Daneen Troup, Prima Diva Boutique


Charleroi is located on the Monongahela River with one of Pennsylvania’s most highly traveled roads going directly through the business district. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s latest Traffic Data Report states that Route 88 has an average of 15,300 vehicles on this road in Washington County daily. There is more traffic traveling through Charleroi’s business district than through any other business district in the area.