Business Planning

The Small Business Administration (SBA) or a local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) can outline the process and provide aspiring business owners with a template for a business plan that includes all of the elements needed by banks and other lenders.

To create a profitable business you need to identify customers that you can better serve compared to your competitors. These customers are now your target market. You then customize your product or service toward that target market. Once that is accomplished you can offer your specialized product or service to that specific group. Another important step to growing your business is marketing. Successful marketing attracts and retains satisfied customers. Marketing emphasizes the value of the customer; customer satisfaction should be your top priority in your business plan.

After a strong business plan has been formatted, a target market identified, and a unique product/ service developed you are ready to launch your business. To assist you, we have gathered and organized many beneficial business incentives, all at your disposal if you operate in Charleroi Borough.

Get started on your business plan by contacting the University of Pittsburgh SBDC. Contact information is in the workshop section.